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Affiliated Businesses



Trail Development, Planning, Operations and Project Management Consulting

Quercwood Consulting is a personalized consulting company specializing in trail development, planning, operations and project management. We have been working in the Trails Community since 2006 and are based in Northern Ontario.



Tourism and Community Development Consulting

Advancing tourism and trails in Canada since 2003. Terminus Consulting is a trail, recreation and tourism consulting business with a focus on community/stakeholder engagement and product development, with a special focus on the advancement of trail and cycling infrastructure in Canada, including trail development, trail tourism and active transportation products in Atlantic Canada.

Affiliated Universities



School of Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism

The School of Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism provides theoretical, applied and practical study in all aspects of outdoor recreation, promotes shared responsibility for learning and research, undertakes research on nature-based recreation, parks and tourism, and supports a broad scope of activities from local to international scales, including Indigenous and multicultural perspectives.



Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies

From visionary beginnings in 1968 and buoyed by a consistent record of innovation, the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies has long enjoyed a reputation for excellence placing it among world leaders in the field. Through focus on community, environment, health and well-being, identity and diversity, and service and policy, RLS research strives to critically evaluate leisure in its diverse forms with a goal of enhancing quality of individual and collective lives. RLS students are mentored by leading experts and have the opportunity to apply theory to practice as they are introduced to the study of recreation and leisure as a phenomena as well as the planning, delivery and evaluation of recreation and leisure services.

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