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Aerial Forest

Our Research Hub

The Trail Research Hub undertakes research, education, and outreach initiatives to support sustainable trail development, construction, and maintenance across Canada while establishing best practice guidelines for trails governance and management.

Our Origin Story

The concept of the Trail Research Hub was first conceived by Kelsey Johansen, Kirsten Spence, and Jane McCulloch
as a way to generate a more collaborative approach
to trails and trail-based research.


As avid trail users, planners, and advocates, the team
brings decades of experience to the Hub.

Kelsey’s background in community-based outdoor recreation and tourism development paired with her research and teaching allows the Hub to explore new partnerships and initiatives.

Both Jane and Kirsten have been
involved with trail development and trail tourism
across Canada for over 20 years.


By bringing together leaders in trail development and
partnering with educational institutions, such as the
University of Waterloo, the Trail Research Hub aims to
grow trail-based research and evidence-based practice to support the professionalization of the Canadian trails sector.

Aerial Forest

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