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Our Newsletter

The Trail Research Hub Digest, also called the Hub Digest for short, is our bi-annual newsletter, published in May and November to align with the beginning of the
Spring/Summer  and Fall / Winter trail seasons here in Canada. 


Volumes of our newsletter include research, education, outreach, and advocacy updates, as well as trail project updates, and funding and hiring announcements, when and where appropriate.


Read past issues of our newsletter below.

Past Issues

Hub Newsletter - V5.png

Volume 5


Hub Newsletter - V4.png

Volume 4

Hub Newsletter - V3.png

Volume 3


Hub Newsletter - V2.png

Volume 2


Hub Newsletter - V1.png

Volume 1

Other Hub Publications

Learn all about current issues impacting trails as well as our current projects, educational and outreach initiatives, funding and hiring updates, and the latest news, or view media coverage of work being doing by our affiliated Researchers and Community Liaisons between volumes of our newsletter by checking out our Blog.

Access copies of our recent publications, including white papers, executive summaries of research projects, research reports, and open access academic articles, published by our Affiliated Researchers and Community Liaisons, here.

View our media, including recording speaking engagement such as keynote addresses at industry and academic events and conferences, leading and facilitating workshops, and providing guest lectures at Universities and Colleges, here.

Copyright Notice

Publications, including newsletters, blog posts, academic papers, white papers, and other outputs (like Infographics, maps and audiovisual materials) are made freely available to collaborators, community stakeholders and interested parties to promote knowledge sharing, and transparency leading to sustainable trail development, construction, and maintenance and to assist with establishing best practice guidelines for trails governance and management.

All of the information and material provided here, inclusive of text, images, logos, infographics, maps and audiovisual materials, product names, etc., is either the
property of, or used with permission by, The Trail Research Hub and
its affiliated Researchers, Community Liaisons and Collaborators.

This information may not be distributed, modified, displayed, reproduced

– in whole or in part – without the prior written permission from, and acknowledgement of, the Trail Research Hub and its Researchers, Community Liaisons and Collaborators.


Share.                Foster.                 Create.

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