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Trail Tourism & Social Enterprise Research Assistant Hired!

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

The Trail Research Hub is pleased to announce the hiring of Courtney Duckett as the Trail Tourism and Social Enterprise Research Assistant for the Winter 2021 Co-Op Semester at the University of Waterloo.

Courtney Duckett

The Trails and Social Enterprise Project, headed up by Dr. Kelsey Johansen (University of Waterloo) and Community Liaisons Kirsten Spence (Querwood Consulting) and Jane McCulloch (Terminus Consulting), recently hired a Trails Tourism and Social Enterprise Research Assistant for the Winter 2021 Co-Op Semester. Funding for this position was provided by the University of Waterloo's Provost’s Office and the Government of Canada’s Student Work Placement Program (SWPP).

Trails Tourism and Social Enterprise Research Assistant

From January through April 2021, Courtney Duckett will join the Trails and Social Enterprise Research Team as the Trails Tourism and Social Enterprise Research Assistant. In this role, Courtney will help conduct the project's Literature Review. She will also conduct environmental and industry scans to identify research-informed best practices, identify and liaise with community partners across Canada’s diverse trail (tourism) communities, and identifying strategic opportunities for case study analysis as a part of the wider Trails and Social Enterprise Project.

Courtney is a second-year University of Waterloo student studying Geography and Environmental Management. She enjoys reading literature about climate change and other environmental issues with hopes of innovating new approaches to sustainably interact with nature.

Courtney feels very fortunate to have been a gate attendant working for Ontario Parks at her local Provincial Park for the past three years, where she was able to share her interests and passion for the outdoors with park visitors.

In Courtney’s spare time she can generally be found taking a walk to the local lake with her dog Taco. Her favourite places to be are deep within nature at Killarney Provincial Park or Bon Echo Provincial Park in Ontario. Courtney has plans to go backpack camping along the Lake Superior coastal trail, with hopes of hiking further afield in the Rocky Mountains, Death Valley and eventually at Mount Kilimanjaro.



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