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Hallman Undergraduate Research Fellow Hired for Trail Tourism & Social Enterprise Research Project!

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

The Trail Research Hub is pleased to announce the hiring of Tijhiana Rose Thobani as the Hallman Undergraduate Research Fellow for the Spring / Summer 2021 at the University of Waterloo.

Tijhiana Rose Thobani

The Trails and Social Enterprise Project, headed up by Dr. Kelsey Johansen (University of Waterloo) and Community Liaisons Kirsten Spence (Querwood Consulting) and Jane McCulloch (Terminus Consulting), recently received funding from the University of Waterloo's Faculty of Health, and the Hallman Undergraduate Research Fellowship, to hired a Trails Tourism and Social Enterprise Research Assistant for the Spring / Summer 2021 Semester.

Trails Tourism and Social Enterprise Research Assistant

From May through August 2021, Tijhiana Rose Thobani will join the Trails and Social Enterprise Research Team as the Trails Tourism and Social Enterprise Research Assistant. In this role, Thjianna will help conduct the project's environmental and industry scans to identify research-informed best practices, identify and liaise with community partners across Canada’s diverse trail (tourism) communities, and identifying strategic opportunities for case study analysis and focus group interviews as a part of the wider Trails and Social Enterprise Project.

Tjianna is a fourth-year University of Waterloo student, studying Public Health, embarking on her fourth and final co-op work term. She enjoys learning about different experiences and perspectives from individuals through qualitative research.

Tijhiana Rose is particularly interested in taking an interdisciplinary approach to qualitative research and building bridges between different areas of knowledge. This term, she hopes to gain transferable research skills which she can bring forward with her into her future education.

On a more personal note, Tijhiana also love spending time outdoors, trying out new trails, and going for long bike rides with friends and family.



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