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Hiring: Trail Tourism & Social Enterprise Research Assistant (Summer 2021)

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Our Researchers recently secured funding to hire a Trails Tourism and Social Enterprise Research Assistant through the Hallman Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Health and Promotion offered by the Faculty of Health at the University of Waterloo in honour of Lyle Hallman's vision of a healthy and educated community.

The Fellowship supports undergraduate students who wish to participate in research projects under the supervision of Faculty of Health researchers focusing on health promotion and education and was created to equip undergraduate students with research experience in the area of health promotion and education as well as encourage students to consider and/or pursue graduate studies.

In addition, the Research Fellowship provides students with the opportunity to become familiar with the health promotion-related research occurring within the Faculty of Health, research centres, and institutes.

Due to the nature of this funding, this position is has certain eligibility requirements:

  1. Undergraduate Students currently enrolled in a Faculty of Health program at the University of Waterloo, who are on either:

    1. A co-op semester for Spring/Summer 2021, or

    2. A non-academic term for the Spring/Summer 2021 semester.

Find out details of the position below.

Join us: we're hiring a Trail Tourism and Social Enterprise Research Assistant to work with our Researchers affiliated with the University of Waterloo's Recreation and Leisure Studies Department. The Trails and Social Enterprise Research Project explores the capacity for a social enterprise-informed governance model to increase the resiliency and adaptability of trail-based organizations to stressors like COVID-19, while empowering them to continue to offer meaningful opportunities for Canadians to engage in outdoor, trail-based, recreation activities which promote health and wellbeing.

Work closely with a dedicated team of trail and hiking researchers including external trail development partners with over 20 years experience building land and water trails across Canada to explore trail tourism, rural community tourism development, and social enterprise. Help shape the continued development of trails as recreation and tourism resources across Canada! The student will be supervised by Dr. Kelsey Johansen, and will collaborate and network with industry leads from Ontario and the Maritimes.

Broad responsibilities include focus groups and interviews with case study trail organizations from Ontario and the Maritimes, liaising with community partners across Canada’s diverse trail tourism communities, and case study analysis.

Job Responsibilities

Job responsibilities of the Trail Tourism and Social Enterprise Research Assistant include:

  1. Project Support and Communication including attending project meetings, area seminars and other meetings as necessary. Attending regular meetings with faculty researcher / supervisor and community research partners to maintain ongoing communication regarding accomplishment of research tasks and objectives and the quality of the assistant’s performance, and providing ready access to all research related materials for the faculty researcher / supervisor. Summarizing project results, and preparing progress reports for the faculty researcher / supervisor; and, preparing other articles, reports, and presentations as required;

  2. Methodological design including preparing interview and focus group questions and assisting with modeling findings;

  3. Ethics Application completing the Tri Council TCPS CORE training on ethical research, and assisting with the University of Waterloo Research Ethics Approval Process;

  4. Environmental Scan and Case Study Summaries including updating existing summaries from within and across Canada including relevant trails and trail organizations following data collection;

  5. Data Collection Support including logistical and technical support facilitating online interviews and focus groups, and transcribing recordings;

  6. Data Analysis Support including analyzing transcripts of online interviews and focus groups; and,

  7. Supporting applications for additional funding including preparing materials for submission to granting agencies and foundations.

Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned by the faculty researcher / supervisor. Work requirements and schedules will be discussed with the faculty researcher / supervisor to ensure that the work priorities can be accomplished in the allotted work hours scheduled for the Spring/Summer 2021 semester. You will be successful if you can write clearly and concisely, have prior research experience, and are passionate about the outdoors and outdoor recreation.

This is an excellent chance to help shape rural community tourism development and outdoor recreation through research that explores the processes and effectiveness of collaborative and community-driven trail building across Canada.

This position will run from May 3rd, through to August 20th, 2021 (inclusive) and has a salary of $15.60 / hour. Interviews will be held via MS Teams on March 2nd and 3rd, 2021. The successful candidate will be notified by end of day on March 12th, 2021.

Interested University of Waterloo Faculty of Health undergraduate students should direct questions by email to Kelsey Johansen at or apply directly in citing Job ID #: 193108 (Co-Op Students) or Job ID #: 193122 (Non-Academic Term Students).



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