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Partnership Announcement: The Trail Research Hub and the Canadian Trails Federation

By: Kelsey Johansen

The Trail Research Hub and the Canadian Trails Federation are pleased to announce the formalization of their working relationship through a recently signed Memorandum of Understanding!

On April 14th 2022, following the successful hosting of the National Roundtable on Risk Management, the Trail Research Hub and the Canadian Trails Federation signed an MOU to bring together leaders in trail development and to facilitate partnership opportunities with educational institutions to grow trail-based research and evidence-based practice to support the professionalization of the Canadian trails sector.

Jamie Warren, Vice-President of the Canadian Trails Federation, elaborated, stating

“We have already seen how this partnership can benefit the trail industry across Canada through the success of the 2022 Virtual National Roundtable on Risk Management and Trails, and look forward to many more opportunities to work together for the benefit of the Canadian trails sector.”

The Trail Research Hub is excited to build continue building its external relationships within and across the wider Canadian trails sector. When reached for comment, Kelsey Johansen, Chair of the Trail Research Hub, said

External partnerships, such as the one reached through the signing of this MOU, contribute to the Hub's goals of supporting sustainable trail development, construction, and maintenance across Canada and enable us to partner with trail organizations and other stakeholders to contribute to the development of evidence-based practice while undertaking community-driven research.

Anticipated benefits of the partnership include:

  • Increased opportunities to connect to existing and new members;

  • Maximizing the potential of trail research in Canada through each other's networks;

  • Offsetting the burden on Board member volunteers by having access to students from affiliated universities thus helping to cultivate the next generation of trail stewards;

  • Access to large scale academic research projects; and,

  • Access to funding and grant opportunities that can help achieve mutual beneficial strategic objectives.

All projects and collaborative opportunities related to research, education, and outreach will mutually benefit both groups and be of service to the wider Canadian trails community.

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