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The Trail Research Hub and CTF partner to develop Trail Resource Library

By: Kelsey Johansen

As previously announced, in April 2022, the Trail Research Hub and the Canadian Trails Federation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the aim of bringing together leaders in trail development and facilitating partnerships with educational institutions to grow trail-based research and evidence-based practice to support the professionalization of the Canadian Trails sector.

Evolving Partnership

Subsequent to the Trail Research Hub acquiring the Trent-Fleming Trail Studies Unit curated Trail Resource Library on July 15th, 2022, and further to our MOU with the Canadian Trails Federation, we are pleased to announce that the Hub and the CTF will be working together to digitalize the print-based Trail Resource Library. The Library includes over 3400 references on all aspects of trails, including:

  • Trail research articles, briefing notes and summaries;

  • Trail planning and management documents;

  • Trail guidebooks and brochures; and,

  • A sub-collection of trail design and management manuals.

The Trail Research Hub and Canadian Trails Federation are excited to continue to build on the successes of their existing relationship, and MOU, and to work together to continue to develop the Trail Resource Library. Speaking about plans for the Trail Resource Library, Kelsey Johansen, Chair of the Trail Research Hub, said

The legacy of the Trent-Fleming Trail Studies Unit Trail Resource Library will continue on through our partnership with the CTF and our combined digitalization efforts, making meaningful contributions to the professional practice of trails development, as well as academic research on trails.

By digitizing its contents, and converting it into an accessible and useable online trail resource library, independent academic programs, industry stakeholders, municipalities and consultants will be able to access, use, collaborate on, and contribute to, the materials while supporting the continued growth and long-term viability of the Canadian trails sector.

Jamie Warren, Vice-President of the Canadian Trails Federation, elaborated, stating

This is a valuable opportunity to contribute to the professionalization of trails, while reducing the administrative burden on volunteer and non-profit trail organizations through access to existing trail documents, including Canadian case studies, policies, legislation, and best practices in trails. This in turn has the potential to make funding, building, and maintaining trails across Canada more sustainable.

Through this work, and in partnership with the CTF, the Trail Research Hub intends to update and expand on the extensive materials already housed within the collection. The aim is to include:

  • Academic Publications (journal articles, thesis research, and research reports) on Trail-related topics;

  • Trail-based legislation;

  • Economic Impact studies of Trails;

  • Community Engagement in Trails;

  • Trail Tourism and Trail-Based Recreation Planning; and,

  • More!

We will therefore be reaching out to industry stakeholders, and academics, in the upcoming months to request digital copies of publicly available documents related to trails and trail-based economic development, trail-tourism and communities, and sustainable trail design, development and maintenance for inclusion in the Trail Resource Library.

Get In Touch

If you would like to stay up to date on progress towards launching the online Trail Resource Library, please subscribe to our updates by visiting or reach out to us at: to discuss collaboration opportunities.


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